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The history of silk flowers

dated back to one thousand and three hundred years. It is said that the Magnificent Concubine of emperor Xuanzong, Yang Yuhuan has a scar on the left corner of her forehead. More+Every day, she asks her maid to pluck a fresh flower to wear it on the hair of her temple to cover the scar. When winter comes, the fresh flowers wither. An ingenious maid makes an artificial flower with silk and presents it to Yang Yuhuan who finds it amazing. Afterwards, this artificial flower spreads to the common folk and gradually develops into an exquisite artwork.
Nowadays, silk flowers could be seen on various occasions like opening ceremony, wedding, office, home and festivals. We use silk flowers to decorate our environments, express passionate love and send blessings. In this blog page, we will post blogs regularly to introduce the culture behind our products and enlighten you on the occasions to use them. Follow us to learn the latest products, events and stories concerning silk flowers. Please view the blog articles below to develop a further understanding of our products.

Brighten up Your Easter, Lighten up Your Life

Apr 9, 2020

This Easter is not like any other year. An unexpected pandemic spread to every corner of this world, taking away lives and causing pain along its way; However, this Easter is like any other year. It brings hope to people…

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Easter is Coming, Hope is Approaching

Apr 8, 2020

Following the steps of Spring, Easter approaches and prepares to knock on your door. In this hopeful season when everything returns to life, many people’s lives are threatened by the raging pandemic. This Easter comes at an unusual period when…

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This Luscious Leaf Bush Invites Spring to Your House

Apr 4, 2020

Exploring a wide range of faux greenery products, are you having any idea which one to choose? The most hopeful and vigorous season is coming! Why not pick a piece of greenery with luxuriant artificial foliage to decorate your house? Luscious artificial leaf…

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Sunyfar Fake Plants Exhibition at APFAH Fair

Mar 19, 2020

We are attending the APFAH Fair – floral trade shows at Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre. This time, we have prepared for you artificial flowers and plants which are carefully crafted,perfect way to add a touch of green to brighten up…

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Sunyfar Silk Flowers Exhibition at APFAH Fair

Mar 6, 2020

We sincerely invite you to visit our floral trade shows 2020 during 21st – 27th April,at Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, where you can find our latest artificial plants. We have specially presented a wide variety of high-quality silk flowers for…

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Savor Your Life Moment by Moment with Sunyfar Artificial Greenery

Jan 20, 2020

From parties to marriages to gardening and home decorations, our greenery plants can make any occasions and any place lively and vibrant. Whenever you lay your eyes on the life-like greenery,you will find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated. They look so…

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Sunyfar Faux Greenery and Silk Flowers Brightens Your New Year

Dec 26, 2019

On New Year’s Day, we come all the way to reunite with our family. On such joyous occasions, Silk flowers and Faux greenery are never absent from the scene either used as gifts or as decoration. For New Year’s Day,…

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Sunyfar Online Faux Greenery and Artificial Flowers Wish You a Merrier Christmas

Dec 12, 2019

Christmas is the most important holiday throughout the whole year. On this day, we get together with our families, exchange gifts, decorate our house and share delicious meal. As artificial silk flowers and plants suppliers,we offer quite a wide variety…

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Faux Greenery & Silk Flower Make Thanksgiving Merrier and Livelier

Nov 18, 2019

On Thanksgiving, Sunyfar Silk Flower as a faux plants supplier presents you a variety of artificial greenery products such as eucalyptus, fern, boxwood, asparagus, lavender and bamboo. And we also have faux flowers,artificial flower bushes and flower sprays,which come in…

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Sunyfar Silk Flowers Exhibition

Oct 11, 2019

Our company will attend Jinhan Fair in Guangzhou from October 21st to 27th. We have prepared many new fake plants of ingenious designs to amaze you! Welcome to drop by our booth. We will be waiting! Thank you!   Our…

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