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The history of silk flowers

dated back to one thousand and three hundred years. It is said that the Magnificent Concubine of emperor Xuanzong, Yang Yuhuan has a scar on the left corner of her forehead. More+Every day, she asks her maid to pluck a fresh flower to wear it on the hair of her temple to cover the scar. When winter comes, the fresh flowers wither. An ingenious maid makes an artificial flower with silk and presents it to Yang Yuhuan who finds it amazing. Afterwards, this artificial flower spreads to the common folk and gradually develops into an exquisite artwork.
Nowadays, silk flowers could be seen on various occasions like opening ceremony, wedding, office, home and festivals. We use silk flowers to decorate our environments, express passionate love and send blessings. In this blog page, we will post blogs regularly to introduce the culture behind our products and enlighten you on the occasions to use them. Follow us to learn the latest products, events and stories concerning silk flowers. Please view the blog articles below to develop a further understanding of our products.

Love Faded, but Silk Flowers Last Forever!

Love Faded, but Silk Flowers Last Forever!

Oct 23, 2018

Life-like artificial flowers bring passion, surprise, amazement and eternal beauty to our life. Be it blossoming spring, a cool summer by the sea, golden autumn with leaves falling or frosty winter immersed in white romance, you can always achieve these…

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