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Wholesale Silk Flowers Crafted from High-quality Materials

To prevent the petals from shredding or unevenly coloring, we select quality cloth of high density, such as 190TA pongee, 210TAFU soft silk and real touch satin to craft artificial flower arrangement. The plastic material is LDPE sourced from Singapore. Every piece of our raw materials is skin-friendly, healthy, pollution-free and free from hazardous substance. Bulk fake flowers are made from these high-quality raw materials to meet the increasing market demands.


Quality cloth of high density


Real touch satin


Sourced from Singapore


Bulk fake flowers

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  1. on 2019-08-03 at 17:20

    Faux flowers allow home decorators to defy the seasons, not only by having summer blooms in the dead of winter but by mixing flowers from several seasons in a single display. Some manufacturers use real materials to enhance silk flowers, such as inserting artificial branches in real tree trunks. Real touches are also added to the false flora; leaves may have holes that look like insect damage, silk roses are complete to the thorns, and some fabulous fakes are even fragrant. Their ultimate attraction may be their least natural aspects; these plants don t need water, fertilizer, sunlight, or tender care.

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